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PLASU- ASUU Kicks Against Falling Standard of Public Universities .

Comfort Akudiang Jos

The Academic Staff Union of Universities, Plateau State University, PLASU, Chapter, has Promised to do everything possible within the law to resist any action or inaction on the part of the Federal Government that lower standards in Nigerian public universities, and render them unattractive to international scholars.

The Union Chairman comrade Monday Hassan Zitta in a statement in Jos on Wednesday, notes that “the Federal Government may wish to assume that the resistance against it’s selfish interest in public university education is over”, as it vows that the Government’s hope of “ushering in an era of all privatized University system in the country where only the rich and powerful shall be opportune to attend University education will never see the light of day”.

The Union leader hinted his union struggle ” is to protest the casualization of Nigeria n Universities Academics”, pointing out that the struggle is beyond the lies, the deceits, the half truths, and mischievous diversions that are presented to the public”.

According to him, “the real reason we are fighting is not the withholding or prorating of salaries.

“These are issues that were mischievously introduced by the deliberate acts of delaying negotiations and discarding agreements signed by committees set up by the same Government”.

“the real issues are proper funding for public universities in Nigeria”, and proper “remuneration and better working conditions to make Nigerian Universities attractive to foreign scholars”.

“As it stands”, the Union concludes, “many scholars with the discipline and aptitude for the work are leaving the country because of the very poor working conditions for academics”.


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